Friday, March 2, 2012

Where did February go...

When I don't post on this blog, it doesn't mean I haven't touched the computer in a month. Oh man, I'm so sorry I don't post updates more often. This is a summary of how we are all doing. I will do another special post about my birthday! :)

Not too much excitement. Hired some workers to patch up the ceiling where Brian put a hole. No more hole! Yeah! Ouch on the budget! Boo! I listened to some Dave Ramsey recently and I am COMMITTED! to sticking to a budget and getting our debts paid off. Goal: 2014 debt-free. No student loans, no car loans, no credit card loans. Free I tell you! We've adopted the envelope system. Hope it goes well!

Jonas is so sweet! He's started giving closed-mouth kisses and does a cute little smack noise! I haven't yet (knock on wood) heard him say "no" but it does such an energetic "yeah" nod. So cute! He's also getting the hang of hide-and-seek as we play around the house. He tries to sign "dad" by putting his thumb on top of his head (should be on his forehead) but I'm impressed that he has that idea down! He helps you dress him, and he can take off his shirt now. He is also so trained about bed time and nap time! He knows the routine and walks himself over to bed. Most nights, he doesn't cry, just goes to sleep. So nice! Jonas is getting so confident on the playground equipment, too!

Sydney has been watching the Leap Frog Letter Factory videos and is picking up on her letters fast! Sometimes, she gives you the sound though instead of the name of the letter but it's still a step in the right direction! Sydney practices writing an S and we hope that by the end of the year she can write her name. She sure knows what she wants and often tells me an alternative to what I have asked her to do. It can be trying but overall I know she is a sweet little girl and I love the way she sings "Follow the Prophet" as we are walking down the sidewalk. I think she'd make a great missionary companion!

And this is a layout I did ( I modified the picture to include the stripes) of Sydney to talk about her recent issue of coloring on the walls. It lasted about 2 weeks before she finally grasped that is was bad. Again, knock on wood, it's been several days but I have a stash of Magic erasers just in case....

Brian's work keeps trudging along. His company has cut back on some of their natural gas teams which meant job cuts for those workers but Brian's job was not in jeopardy. Relief! He continues to study for the second of five APECS exams and is looking into graduate school programs. He wouldn't stop working just do it at night or when he has "free time". But I'm supportive of him getting more education.

I (Meagan) am finishing up my math course! I have my final scheduled for March 20th and then I am done! With that course at least. It's 1 of 4 pre-requisites I need to get into the grad program for Applied Math at Texas A&M. I'm not sure when I will be able to take the other 3 as we just don't have extra money for education right now. But maybe when we get our debt paid off, my digital scrapbooking business profit can go to it. My business is going really well and I even had to file it on my taxes for this last year so it's growing! and I couldn't be more thrilled. I teach the 4-6 yr olds at church and I am finding the age group fun to work with. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't like to teach 20 of them 5 days a week but for Sunday for 1 hour, it's fun. Next post, my birthday!

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