Sunday, December 26, 2010

Baby's First Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Tucks

Best wishes for a great new year filled with health, happiness and love.

Christmas morning

Christmas morning, we set up the princess tunnels Gma Tuck got for Sydney and then had her tricycle Brian and I bought her in the living room. She loved it! She crawled through the tunnel, came out the house part and her eyes lit up to see the tricycle. It was fun. We took a video but it is really dark. Anyways, she had lots of fun and she had some presents from friends and family. She opened up Jonas' presents, too. Maybe in 2 years that will not be ok, but this year, Jonas didn't mind.Dad and Jonas chilling

Christmas with Grandma Tuck

Grandma Tuck was able to visit which was wonderful even though it was only a couple of days and we were worried about Gpa Tuck who is feeling a lot better now. She enjoyed holding her grandson!

Sydney made off with a ton of loot. Spoiled little girl!

Brian is super excited about his Kinect. If you asked him what he wanted this year, he would reply this. I GUESS he was a good boy this year... haha, no, Brian has been wonderful this year! He's been working hard and now he is studying for the GRE and working collections at a drug screening supplies company.

Tree decorating

This year, Sydney got to participate a lot more because she is growing and learning so much! One of her favorite things this year was decorating the Christmas tree. I would ask her, "Where do you want to put this one?" She would reply, "Right here!"

Alabama Pride

Sydney just loved this Santa hat but it looks like she is showing team spirit!

Hang Tight

I thought Jonas might be ready to be front-facing in the carrier. At least he was relaxed.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cookies, siblings and new glasses

So I feel terrible that I didn't get any Thanksgiving day photos! And I didn't even have to cook! I did some baking but the big stuff other people took care of. I guess having a 1.5 month old to take care of is not an excuse...

But I did get some pictures of cookie decorating with Sydney. I spread the frosting on and I thought Sydney might pick up some sprinkles and drop them on but she quickly discovered a more efficient way...
Voila! Dump the whole cookie in!

Wait a few seconds...
And presto! Sprinkled cookie in no time flat!But we all know the best part is the frosting...


I wanted to show you some pictures of Jonas and Sydney. I love this one with Sydney's arm around Jonas.

Last, I wanted to show off my new glasses! What do you think?I've never had designer glasses and I love everything about them!

And bragspot moment: I read this comment by a student that I tutored on I thought it was pretty funny: "This tutor was FABULOUS!!!! She really helped&encouraged me in my least favorite subject, (math)! KEEP HER!!!!!

Well, happy to say, I think my job is safe.