Tuesday, August 25, 2009


First, our long-time friends the Ards moved to Oregon. We will really miss them! Brenda is my favorite redhead who is so crazy and fun!
On Saturday, I met up with some of my old roommates, Amy and Katy. It was fun to catch up with them. Can't wait to do it again!
And a little Sydney for you. Sydney has gotten into this habit of squinting her eyes and giving a huge grin. She is so silly!

Happy Anniversary!

Brian and I celebrated our 4th anniversary last week! We went to Chili's and then sat on the Green Belt (a park wrapping around the Snake River in Idaho Falls) and enjoyed a little time just Brian and me. A friend of ours watched Sydney, Thank you!

Brian and I are so happy. Despite this definitely being a tough year for us, we have each other and it has made all the difference.

If I should live forever and all my dreams come true
My memories of love will be of you

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Squeaker Scares Sydney

Brian and I just HAD to record this video and then share it. Brian took the squeaker out of a rubber ducky and by sucking air in as he had the squeaker in his mouth he made the squeaky sound and it scared Sydney so bad!

Friday, August 7, 2009

International Dance Festival

Sydney's 10-month mark happened to fall on the street parade of the International Dance Festival here in town. She loved it! She was standing on my lap, shouting, clapping her hands and jumping up and down. It was great!

Brian and I thought the instrument this girl was playing was quite amazing.

Never mind me in this photo.
And to prove that Brian was there, a pic of him and Sydney.