Thursday, March 29, 2012

Camera Failure!

So I haven't posted recently because I don't have any pictures to post :( Our camera is saying there is an issue with the memory card and I just haven't gone out and bought a new one yet. Which really stinks because Sydney is having so much fun this week with her cousin Liam since it's his Spring Break and also with some friends of ours who have kids also on Spring Break. The friends are coming over three mornings this week and Liam is over each day and she is having lots of fun!

I took my Math final last week and am hoping to hear what I got by the end of this week. Biting my nails...

Sydney and Jonas keep learning and growing and Jonas is getting more independent and headstrong. This morning, he really wanted to go outside so when he couldn't get the door open, he gestured for me to lift him up so he could get my keys off the wall hook and then he tried to use the key on the door. Awwww!

Hope to have pictures soon!

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