Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dallas TX temple and other things...

I wrote that huge long post and it still didn't cover all my photos! I hadn't uploaded my photos in a while. Our camera is acting strange lately and I'm afraid it doesn't have much longer. I need a new camera soon! wah! Anyways, here are some other things to report:

Jonas kicked himself out of a shopping cart one Saturday a few weeks ago and got a nasty black eye. I couldn't tell if his pupils were uneven so I took him to the Quick Care. He checked out ok but he had a black eye for over a week. Poor little guy!

But it's healed up nicely! Look at this little cutie!

Sydney has started to climb trees! and I'll have to get a video of how proud Jonas acts when I put him up in the tree, too! It's so cute!

Video of Sydney climbing:

One night, Jonas was really wanting to help me cooks o I gave him a spoon and bowl and he was occupied until dinner was ready. Cute little chef!

And we went to the Dallas, TX temple yesterday. Now that the temple is 3 hours away, it's a lot more to go but it makes it that much more special. Brian and I took shifts watching the kids while the other one did a session. The kids loved walking around the temple and playing in the fountain. I have some pictures of them looking into the fountain but I just couldn't get good ones because I was worried about Jonas trying to take a bath more than getting a good shot!

And you'll notice the logo on these pictures by a budding photographer, Miss Sydney Tuck:

Anyways, that's our fun recently!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for updating your Blog. It makes my day when I see I have a message from you.
That little tree climbing monkey Sydney is fearless! Let her know I loved the video. Love, Theresa