Friday, June 27, 2008

Baby Dress

Well, I have been trying to find something to post because we have no news! So, I thought I would post how my grandmother is beginning to work on the baby blessing dress. We have picked out this pattern.

Of course, we are not using gold fabric and I think the collar is hideous and so I asked my grandmother to not make the collar but I think it will come out well. I like the ribbon on the sleeves and I really think that it is pretty. 3 months until she gets here! I am very anxious to start my 3rd trimester as I have heard it is the most uncomfortable 1/3 of the pregnancy. I would like to be quite fortunate as I have been with the other trimesters but that would be asking too much.

On another note, Brian will begin his job on July 21st. It makes $2 more an hour than his current part-time job which is not thrilling to me, but we are attempting to budget ourselves tightly these next couple of months and save a lot and see what we can find with housing in Idaho Falls. RentMaster has just purchased the property we currently rent and we hope to be able to squeeze out of the property easily.

I found out just this past week that almost a month ago, the company I had been working with to teach English lessons online to students in China closed down. Nobody told me! It had been extremely slow the last few months anyway. So, I am trying to find a way to teach English with another company. I have applied at one that pays almost twice as much as the one I used to work with! Man, it would have been great to have known about this place sooner! So, cross your fingers that they will have me!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Brian's Job

So, Brian has accepted a job with NorthWest Cosmetics Lab in Idaho Falls, ID. It will be a full-time job and though Brian is not quite sure about the other details (benefits, exact salary, exact job responsibilities, etc.), he is certain that the job will pertain to his major as our friend, Mark Sunderland, who graduated with the same major that Brian has, is the one who got Brian this job. Brian is very excited and I... I have mixed feelings.
For one, I am very glad that Brian will have a full-time job considering I will be ending my full-time job soon. Also, Brian has plenty of time for a full-time job once this school semester ends because he will only be taking 6 credits in the Fall and we are not getting any Pell grant :) But, I was hoping we would get out of Idaho and so getting this job tells me that there is a good chance we will be in Idaho next summer. But, Brian will be actively looking for employment all over the United States and so I am very hopeful this is just a transition time.
With the job being in Idaho and Brian taking only 2 courses this fall with only 1 of those actually on campus, I have begun to think about the possibility of moving to Idaho Falls. Yes, we did just move in April but it makes sense to be closer to the place you go to more often where for this full-time job would be Idaho Falls. Plus, after August 15th, I will no longer be travelling to St. Anthony. So, it makes sense. We'll keep you posted.
So, I just want to say congratulations to my Brian for finding a full-time job that will support his family! He should start the job in mid-July after the summer semester ends.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

24 weeks

So here's my 24 weeks shot.
Brian felt the picture did not show how big I really am. Good.