Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Life in Louisiana

Hey all! Things have been going fine for Brian and me in Louisiana. Brian still hasn't had luck in finding a job but it's not for lack of trying. Brian and I will be celebrating our 5th anniversary this Friday! It's amazing how the times flies but we are still crazy about each other!First, we decided to get Sydney a toddler bed and give her a few months of trying to adjust to it before her baby brother stills it away. It's sturdy enough for Dad to join her when she gets restless about going to bed.

Sydney loves imitating her cousin Liam as he is learning the letters of the alphabet. I would like to think she really does know that Sydney starts with S.
Sydney likes playing pretend a lot like here she is as a cowgirl!And here she is as a super-hero!

Sydney is getting a lot better at singing and doing the motion to her favorite songs and this is our favorite to sing with her and have her fill-in the blanks with "Beam!"

And here I am at 28 weeks.

I'm feeling fine for the most part. I have trouble getting to sleep at night sometimes and it makes for a long day when I am watching Sydney plus Liam and Scarlett (my nephew and niece) but with Brian home, he often watches the kids while I catch up on the z's. Thanks honey!

Still no decision on the name but after the 3rd ultrasound, we are 100% certain it's a boy. (Don't worry about me jinxing it. If it turned out to be a girl anyways, I wouldn't be crushed :) )

Love to all!