Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jonas' First and LOTS of pictures

Wow! I know it's been a month since I posted! Sorry! I have been having a lot of sick kids around here lately! Poor Jonas and Sydney got a nasty cold and were coughing a lot which meant not very good nights of rest for us all and then Jonas developed bronchitis (again) and so we had to start him on breathing treatments again. He's feeling a lot better now but Sydney's cough has returned.

Even with being sick, I decided it was time this kid started solids! He's been driving me crazy with the still constant feeding every 2-3 hours! So, here is trying out the rice cereal. It was a big hit!

He also loved the applesauce and sweet potatoes we have given him.

Also this past month, we took Jonas for his first swim. He loved it! We just put him in the floatie and he was content!

Here are his 6-month shots.
Length: 25.5-25.75 inches
Weight: 19.2 lbs
Milestones: He rakes in toys, brings everything to his month, can change toys from one hand to the other, can push himself up on his hands and knees and I think pull himself a little? He can also sit-up for a while on his own so this is the last set of month-old shots with the bumbo!

Anytime I take photos of Jonas, Sydney wants to jump in which is fine because I get these cute sibling shots:

Now for some Sydney madness. She cracks me up. Every day! Brian and I often debate who she gets her wackiness from. Sometimes, it just from trying to be like me:

Those are my boots. (Any PowerPuff Girl watchers? Him? Anyone?)

And then, she is "feeding" her baby. That's my nursing cover.

And Brian thought this little girl hiding out was cute.

We have bought some shirts for Jonas for the future, like 18-24 months size clothes and Sydney has to try them on. She has been wearing his future shirts and even a football sleeper. That's our tom girl.

As for Brian and me, Brian is enjoying his 4th week on the job at Schlumberger (prounounced schlum-ber-jay). He gets taken out to lunch about 1-2 times each week so lucky him! We're hoping that in 5 months he can get hired on permanently and get a pay raise.

For me, I took some of our tax refund and bought an independent course, Ordinary Differential Equations. It's one of the undergraduate math courses I didn't take as a Math Ed major but have decided I want to get a Master's in Applied Math and so I need it. I was hoping to get it done by September so it would count as credits I needed to get re-certified as a teacher but it's just not happening and I don't know when I will teach next. I'm hoping to have my master's before I have to go back to work and so I can teach at a college. But either way, since I'm no longer in Idaho, I will have a list of things to do to be certified in a different state so whatever! But I do want to aim to get my Master's by the time I am 30 or at least be close to finishing it!

I know I should probably focus on my kids and then my class but I also got happy news with my digital scrapbooking designing. I sell at two online stores and for one of them, I made the most sales in the first quarter! That was pretty cool. I had no idea where I was with my business and that gave me some hope. I'm hanging around a 28% profit margin now (which Brian tells me is good- my business adviser) so I'm trying to stick with it and see where it goes.

Good luck to everyone and Happy Easter!