Thursday, December 22, 2011

Belated Happy Birthday to Drea!

So I've wanted to start making a special post on my sisters' birthdays and Drea's went whishing past me! So, better late than never, a very belated happy birthday to my big sis!

This is Andrea. I am her twin born 5 years later.

As proof, I had this picture of me up on my computer today and my nephew said, "That's mommy!" Not quite!

If there was a movie made about her life, Drew Barrymore would play her.

Drea already had the theme music from Ever After play at her wedding so it's like a life soundtrack now.

A thing I remember about Drea from my childhood was that she loved [loves] music. And all types. I remember her passionately singing along to Phantom of the Opera and Beauty and the Beast [her fave movie] as well as "I like to move it" (not the King Julian version). She played the violin in her school orchestra that went to Carnegie Hall. Wowzers!

She's very intelligent and organized. She's an accountant. That pretty much sums up her amazing intelligence there!

She is a loving, busy, working-mom of two cute kids!

Ok, so the one dressed in yellow is mine.

And even though I am about 1/4 inch taller than her, I still look up to her. Love you big sis! and Happy [belated] Birthday!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Putting up the Christmas Tree and Christmas in Roseland

First, sorry about my digital-scrapbooking post that went out to a  lot of you! I goofed up on that!

In the last week we finally got our Christmas tree up. The kids aren't messing with it too much. We obviously didn't put any of our breakables on the tree (little kids+ glass ornaments + ceramic floors= trouble!!) and they had fun helping us put it up!

 Yes, Jonas had to put up the tree shirtless. Very macho!

Sydney decided that stockings should be used for their true purpose.

Last Saturday we went to Christmas in Roseland, a rose center that has lots of lights displays and performances. I was so glad we went when we did because it was a beautiful night! and the week since we went, it has been cold, wet and windy.

Another set of displays are large "Christmas Cards" by the local schools. I thought this one was so cool: They used bottle caps to the make this snowman.

I don't talk about Santa a lot but I guess from movies and such, the magic of Santa has been instilled in Sydney's heart. So when she found out Santa was at Roseland, a cute grin stretched across her face. She was so excited and was not scared of him at all. I was pretty surprised. Not surprised that Jonas freaked out after 2 seconds on Santa's lap. We took one with me holding Jonas but it didn't come out  well so I didn't upload. But here is the picture they gave us:
 It's too yellowish-green for me so I changed it to black and white- looks better I think!
 Or maybe you like this one with the red selected:
I think I like the black and white one best, what do you think?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


A little late I know but it's been a little crazy! Jonas has been pretty fussy lately. It could be teething or it could very well be his rebellion since I stopped breast-feeding him. Who knows!

We had a great time for Thanksgiving visiting Brian's parents in Alabama. Here are some pictures:

This is a nightgown from Grandma Holloman. Sydney absolutely loves it! because it twirls like a dress!

Grandpa Tuck helping Jonas unwrap his present.

This is a great shot showing all the gorgeous woods around Gma and Gpa Tuck's new place!
We had lots of fun seeing Brian's aunts and uncles as well. AMAZING cooking and Brian and I got a date night courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa. Thanks! Of course some shopping as well! It was just the R&R I needed!

It's seems by perfect design that we have Thanksgiving before Christmas. At Thanksgiving, we hopefully reflect on all the blessings the Lord has bestowed upon us and truly see how fortunate we are. Then, with that in mind, we turn around and feel the need to share and bless the lives of others at Christmas time. I hope we each take time to count our blessings, and then go and be a blessing on someone's list.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, November 18, 2011

No more colds! and family portrait

Sydney and Jonas have been afflicted with an nasty cold for WEEKS now. Running noses, congested at night and coughing some, it's not been fun :( Sydney missed 2 weeks in Nursery and they both missed reading time at the library for 3 weeks now. But they are finally better. No runny noses!

Jonas has been so cute lately with all his little discoveries. He's waving more, he brings you stuff and waits for your happy "Thank you!". He LOVES handing you stuff. He's been helping pick up, he'll put the blocks in the bag when we're picking up. He also likes to close the dishwasher door. Even though he usually does it when I am still trying to load the dishwasher it's still cute. He sometimes eats more than Sydney.

Sydney is in big-time princess mode. She loves wearing a dress any day of the week and loves playing princess. One week she was talking a lot about weddings and soon after I found a Disney princess wedding coloring book. So cute! she loves it! She's bouncing between orange and blue being her favorite colors. We keep working on shapes and letters. She has S and B down. I'm working on A and J (for Jonas! I think she's almost there with that one).

We started a thankful tree and I told her I was writing family first. I asked her what she was thankful for and she said, "Jesus!". Melted my heart. I know she's learning that from our prayers.

We went and got portraits done at Sears. I would LOVE to be able to hire a photographer and go out on a nice day and take some amazing photos but we don't have that kind of money! I found a coupon for a free photo session, 1-image CD, 8x10, 5x7 and 4 wallets for a grand total of $10.86. The photographer wasn't as experienced as I would have liked but for $10, I'll stop complaining now.

I liked Sydney's pose and Jonas was looking at the camera the whole time. I was surprised he didn't wiggle. It was an interesting experience for him! I hope to get some Spring photos and be able to get him to smile for those!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Just some photos...

Hey! The kids have been sick this week and Brian and I are a little sick ourselves. I've got a slightly sore throat and the kids don't sleep well at night, so it's a little strained around here lately...

Anyways, here are some fun Halloween photos:

Here's Sydney's cousin Liam (the ninja) and cousin Scarlett (a butterfly)

Sydney with Aunt Drea

Our door at our ward Fall Festival

Then here are some fun photos I got yesterday in one of those "we're fine" windows that occur sporadically with sick kids.

Just chillin'

Love this smile!

Favorite shot of the day!

Got Sydney to do a few cute poses! After each picture she would say, "Let me see!"

my little diva!

Brian took these while I was tutoring:

Jonas has been so active and learning so much lately. Yesterday was the first time I noticed him really giving hugs. I was comforting Sydney and he came up and leaned his head on her back in a very sweet way. Also this week, he picked up Sydney's play phone and actually held it up as if to talk into it. He tries to trade toys with you and he reaches out to things he wants and says, "that". It's been really fun watching him learn and grow. I think his 1 year stats were 23 lbs 13 oz and 29-29.5 inches. That puts him as kind of short for his age but a healthy chunk at his weight. He still fits in the age-appropriate clothes really well. There are a few 12 month clothes he still wears (mostly pants) but he's in 18 month shirts and onesies because 12-month were not long enough. {shrug} I don't know. He just looks healthy to me and that's all I could ask for!