Friday, June 24, 2011

8 months old! and pigtails

No, I didn't put pigtails in Jonas' hair! But maybe when his hair gets longer!

So on June 14th, Jonas turned 8 months old! Where does the time go??!! At a recent visit, he was 22 lbs and 26.5 inches. He is an excellent crawler now and can pull himself up to standing using furniture. Last night he only woke up once during the night! But he didn't go to sleep until 11 :( I hold him and think he's asleep but then I put him down and he wakes up. So, we set up a pack nplay in the closet and goes in there where he can cry without waking up his sister. Sad, I know. what awful parents we are putting our kids in the closet. At least it's not under the stairs...

Anyway, here are some shots Brian and I got of the 8-month old. It's not easy! This kid is always on the move!

His shirt says, "Mom's Mane Man". Love it!

For about a week I had Sydney excited about pigtails. She would look at the color choices, find the one that matched her shirt (which she is excellent at! She can't name her colors accurately yet but she CAN match them!), and then she would hold on to the two elastic bands while I combed her hair. And she did NOT want those pig tails out at night. But alas, the excitement has passed for now. Just a phase.

I saw some cute animal hoodie towels at Kohl's for a pretty good deal and so I showed Sydney the duck one or the princess one and she chose duck. Then I grabbed a monster one for Jonas. Well, thanks to DADDY, Sydney is obsessed with monsters. We often play that we are hiding from monsters. So, when she saw the monster towel, she told me the monster one is hers and "Jonas duck!". Here's our little monster:

Sydney is definitely under the impression, "What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine". Here's a hat of Jonas, on Sydney.

And I'll finish off by showing some digital scrapbook pages I have done recently.

(The two above were using a kit called "Bikes and Trikes" by Dream Big Designs

This kit was made by me! Up, Up and Away! She end of post.
This was made using a kit called Monster Truck Madness by Dream Big Designs

Also, I made this mini-kit recently. I used shapes in PS to make those super heroes, masks, city and bursts myself. You think it's cute?
Inspired of course by my super kids!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Walk with me

Lately Jonas loves for you to hold his hands and walk him around the house. He can go at it for quite a while. And he really shows you where he wants to go. Today, he walked me into the bathroom and just stood by the bath tub, so I ran some water and let him take a bath!

and some crawling:

Often, Sydney will want a blanket tied at her neck and she will become... SUPER SYDNEY!!!! Dad decided tonight, it was time for a side-kick, SUPER JONAS!!!! Here are our little super heroes:

I told Brian that has got to be the best smile Sydney has ever given for a photo. I love it!


This was the first time I put Jonas on a ride-along. I was really shocked at how stable he was on it and how much he loved it!

And my scrapbook page of it.

(Credits: Kit: Dream Big Designs:Bikes and Trikes)