Friday, March 16, 2012

Sydney's owie and Jonas' nods

I'm trying to post more frequently and shorter posts and we had some things happen this week so there's something to post :)

Wednesday I started watching a friend's 5-month old so that's fun for the kids to interact with a little baby. I'll only be watching the baby a couple hours 3 days a week but it's a little extra income and it's fun to have a friend over :) Jonas is very affectionate with the baby and wants to give him lots of kisses and love!

Wed night, Sydney slipped in the bath tub and busted her chin open. We got the bleeding to stop with some ice but the gash looked nasty. It's a lot better today but we're trying to be careful. It might leave a scar. Not a good picture...

But other things I wanted to tell you about Sydney are some of the cute positive comments she'll say. Like one day, after mopping the floors (which can be a tedious task with the kids and since the living room and dining room are all ceramic) she came in once it was clean and said, "Ooooh, it's clean! Thank you, Mom!"  I thought that was pretty sweet. And tonight, I asked her to eat the bread since I made it and later she took a bite and said, "Mmmmm. I like the bread, Mom!" Love hearing those things! Oh, and if any of my old roommates are reading this, I FIGURED OUT HOW TO MAKE BREAD. So I'm not trying to force my child to eat the rock-hard, burnt-bottoms, "rolls" you graciously ate when I made them in college. I figured it out several years ago and now eating my bread is a "treat". Just you so know.

And then here is a video of Jonas which is cute because a) he's stuffing his face with spaghetti and b) you get to see his enthusiastic neck-and-body nod. I love that he hasn't learned the dreaded word "no" yet, but instead has this adorable head nod.

Well, that's us this week!

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