Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Every day when I get home from work, Sydney is taking my hand and leading me to our door, essentially saying, "Let me out!". Well, Sunday, we had a really great snow and thought we would see what Sydney thought of the snow. I love these first pictures as she is at the front door of our home and she looks so unsure about what to think.

I let her walk around a little bit in the snow but she did not seem very happy.You can tell in our pictures she thinks it is too cold! She's so funny because she hated that I placed gloves on her hands. Then, for this video: Brian was in the kitchen cooking dinner and I could hear Sydney squealing. I went in to investigate...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Raise and Sydney's achievements

I got a raise at Tutor.com! I am so excited! I have been working there for over a year now (wow!) and so it was really nice to get the raise especially considering that I worked at English Calls for 2 years making less than I did starting at Tutor.com and never got a raise in those two years. So this is nice!

Sydney is learning so much each day (some good, some bad!).
  • For example, I try not to tell Sydney "no" because I don't want her saying that back to me. Unfortunately, I tell her stop and it sounds like she says "top!" back to me!
  • When Brian and I say unh-unh, and shake our heads, Sydney will shake her head back and forth,too.
  • She waves (it's more like flailing her whole arm, but it works) when you say bye-bye and she now has 7 teeth!
  • She also recently learned how to climb downstairs.
  • Sydney can eat a whole apple by herself. She carries it all around the house, gnawing on it to the core.
  • And, really exciting, she crawled into her banana chair, pulled up her blanket and fell asleep all on her own this past week. And it was 8:40. (She usually goes to be between 9 and 10!).
So our little girl is growing up!
I say that as I show this picture of her with a pacifier- she really doesn't use it anymore. Really.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Last night I learned a very important lesson about how when kids are being too quiet they are up to something. Our friends were over with their 2-year old daughter. The moms were doing crafts and the hubbies were playing games. The little ones were in another room but we could hear their laughter so all seemed fine until my friend's hubby decided to check on the girls. Their little daughter, Sadie, had found our Vaseline and decided to rub it all over Sydney's face and hair.
The other day, Sydney took her shirt off. I didn't know she could do that!

And then I just love Sydney's proud look in this pictures as she rides atop her lion.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Greeting Card

I have been working on creating our Christmas greeting card. Sorry for those of you who like to keep it a surprise but I am going to show you the two layouts I am thinking about doing. I think I am just going to get them printed as 5x7 photos because I couldn't find any blank photo cards at Snapfish.com. Anyways, here are my layouts:

Layout #1
Layout #2 Option 1- Notice the lettering of "Merry Christmas"
Layout #2 Option 2

So which one should I send out, or maybe I should do half of layout 1 and half layout 2. What do you think? There's a poll on my blog on the right side. Please vote!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween and other adventures

We had a very fun Halloween. I still don't think Sydney got all of the excitement of the holiday but Brian and I had fun! We took her trunk-or-treating at the ward and then went to a birthday party with a bunch of baby boys all around her age. What a flirt! Brian and I tried to coordinate our costumes with Sydney's by being tourists/ safari adventurers. Do you think it was effective?

And here is Sydney pushing around her new baby doll from Aunt Drea and Uncle Ian!

Sydney truly is a monkey! She is starting to climb up on everything! Brian got this footage of the little girl being quite adventurous. She pushed her musical toy table up to the coffee table to climb up.