Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sydney Unscripted, Jonas walking! and House Closing!

Ok, so I'll start with the biggest event which is us closing on a house! Things went back and forth, we were going to finance the roof into the mortgage, the house appraised for less, and so on but our realtor was amazing and great help through the whole process! The sellers actually lost on this deal but really wanted to move so. I CANNOT WAIT to move in! It will be some time next week as the roof is getting replaced.

Here Brian and I are at closing:

And here is our great realtor, Jennifer. She was so fabulous, always made us feel comfortable and like she was listening to us and guiding us through the process so well!

Elated! I am so grateful to my grandparents for allowing Brian and I to stay with them. I don't know how Brian and I would have made it through this past year. All I can hope is that we weren't a burden on them.

Jonas is officially walking! It took some motivation at first to even get him to try to take some steps but now it's all him! And just shy of 11 months he learned this. Here is a great photo Brian's mom took of Jonas during the Labor Day Week-end:

And here are some shots of Jonas on his 11-month mark. His birthday (and Sydney's!) will soon be here and my little baby boy will be 1!

See how he holds his hands up as he walks? That's habit from the many months I would hold his hands and walk him around. So glad he balances himself now!

Sydney is potty-trained! I thought this day would never come! I have to admit I was quite nervous about the process. It seemed like there were times her diaper was soaked and leaking down her leg and she did not care (curse you Go Diego Go!). I had tried pull-ups before and they just became expensive diapers. So, I thought cloth diapers.I bought cloth diaper covers and I put one on her and she hated it. She was crying, take it off! I guess the elastic was just too tight for her skinny little booty. But I had wanted to start that day! To my surprise she asked to wear underwear. I had heard of trying that, just going for the underwear and letting them get the idea. So, I took a deep breath and said I can do this.because I knew it meant cleaning up a bunch of accidents, being vigilant that she did not sit on furniture and having her sit on the potty every 30 minutes at first. The first few days she would go through about 7 pairs of underwear a day and with every accident, I was prompt to clean it up fast! (Jonas was around after all!) God bless grandparents who acted as an additional support and encouragement on her successes. So, she's doing better now. She still has about an accident a day but I was surprised at how quickly she learned to go on her own. I thought how long do I have to make her sit every half hour? then, how long do I have to make her sit every hour? and then she started telling me and making it! I'm so proud of her!

But I am not proud of this next moment. This is Sydney unscripted. Of course I did NOT tell her to put her underwear on her head.

And most definitely NOT underwear that when I went to take it off, realized it was wet. Ewww! I swear this girl's hygiene is questionable. I'll find her putting her face in her little Winnie the Pooh kiddie potty seat on the toilet, watching the toilet flush I guess. Up close. I'm trying to break her of these habits... shaking my head.