Monday, March 12, 2012

Little Jonas, Sleepy Sydney

Hey! I don't have much to report this last week but just thought I would share some fun photos.

I think Sydney really wanted a little sister all along:

But don't worry, we have him wear a cute little white shirt to church!

I can't until he wears suits and ties to church without a fuss! The fun part of dressing up little boys!

Sometimes Sydney does take a nap. But not usually in her bed. This time it was at the lunch table. Notice the piece of meat on her chest?

This was also the funniest time she had fallen asleep. Every minute or so, she would suddenly pop her eyes open and smile at me. It made me think maybe she was pretending to be sleeping but I don't think she's that good of an actress! I finally put her in her bed and she took a little nap.

Then we finally got a tripod so that maybe we can take more family photos. Now if we could figure out how to get the timer setting to focus!

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