Sunday, February 15, 2009

First Food

So, we decided it was time to try out giving Sydney solid food! Today's menu item of choice- Avocado!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Month in Review

So, Sydney turned 4 months old about a week ago!

This month she learned to roll over. She learned to grab her toes:

She met more of the family:
Aunt Janae and Uncle Denny

She also made some new friends- Axel a boy in our ward:

We put her blessing dress on her again. There's still plenty of room, we probably could have blessed her when she was 2! :

She is really strong and at her 4-month check-up she measured 26.5 inches which put her in the 99th percentile for her age!

Also, as you know, we moved and now Sydney has her own room! I will take some pictures once her stuff gets set up (we are still unpacking- ugh!).

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We up and moved.

We MOVED! Not very far but we moved. We have been looking for a cheaper place to live. Last Monday 1/26 we went and looked at a house a little outside Rexburg and we liked it a lot. We thought the owners would not work with us if we decided to leave, if I got a Job(this is Brian BTW). Well Tuesday they called and said they would like it if we got the place but we need to take over in Feb. Unfortunately we had not given 30 days notice at our other place but we liked it so much we decided to go for it. Yesterday 2/2 we finally got everything out and finished up cleaning. It has been crazy and we appreciate everyone that helped us out. Meagan has done the majority of the Packing and Cleaning because of my work. SHE IS SIMPLY AMAZING!

Now we are waiting to see if we can rope someone into taking over at least part of February. Cross our fingers

Our new place looked like it was hooked up for cable but unfortunately it is not. No cable = no Internet = hard to make posts. We are working on that so do not expect many post in the near future.