Monday, May 31, 2010

Boy or Girl?

It's time to vote! I have my ultrasound scheduled for June 18th so you will notice the poll to the right here where you can vote for whether you think it is a boy or a girl! I'm so excited!

Brian and I went to Montana for the Memorial Day weekend so I will upload some photos soon and tell you about that tomorrow maybe!

Friday, May 7, 2010

That's Sydney for you....

Just thought I would blog a few things that Sydney has done:

  • Today she was scooting on the floor backwards (like, army-crawling backwards) out of the kitchen with crackers in her hands. Maybe it was "stealth mode".
  • She is better at remembering to brush her teeth than we are. She pulls us in the bathroom saying, "tee! tee!" (aka teeth, because we always ask, "You want to brush your teeth?")
  • She can climb into her crib (the drop-gate is down, but it still counts!) but she can't climb out. She can climb up her changing table and can get down.
  • The barbies and dolls are stripped, and she also tries to be nude as well, very often.
  • She can say book, teeth, up, step, bite, shoes, juice, happy, no, sippy, blocks, and more that I can't think of right now.
  • Walks in our shoes whenever they are left out.
  • The other day Sydney was jumping off a chair into her dad's arms and she thought she would do it even without him there. Splat! She went face first into the carpet. She didn't think it was so fun anymore.
  • And for a few months now has been shaking her hand to the popcorn popping parts of the song.
Just thought you'd like to hear about our little Sydney and what she has been up to.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Due Date

Oh! and a friend asked what my due date is. November 3rd! I'm in my 2nd trimester now, Yeah!!!

Belated Easter photos and Bear World

Hey all! Brian and I have been having issues with our cameras lately. We took some cute videos of the egg hunt during Easter and when we got home, the computer gave us an error message when we tried the download the videos. It told us the file type was wrong. So those videos are lost. Then, my computer wouldn't recognize our regular camera and we had to download them onto Brian's laptop. But, anyways, we have worked around the technical kinks and now have these pics to share with you!Sydney has been getting very friendly with her dolls lately. They get lots of kisses.

Dad was able to find this car as he drove by somebody's house where they were cleaning out their garage. Great find Dad!

The family at Easter time. Those are my nephews Brendan and Ross, with my parents and my sister Tessa.
One last hug!
We enjoyed the warmer weather we had a few weeks ago by playing in our front yard some. Sydney loves piggy-back rides.
And when Dad throws her on his shoulders, she's over 7 feet tall!
Sydney has long since stopped sucking her thumb but I guess she decided her doll's fist was pretty tasty.

We went to Bear World luckily on a weekend when it was 50% off and kids under 3 are free all the time. (otherwise it costs $13 for 3 year-olds! Outrageous!) Sydney wasn't too interested in the bears we drove by but she loved the train ride at their little kiddie amusement park.

Our little bear.

We'd get Sydney to pet some of the animals in the petting zoo. Here she is braving to sneak a tap at a deer.

I got this shot quickly. She ran up, touched the pig and ran away.

And finally, Sydney our little hoodlum. No, we did not do this to her. That's what makes it funny. She did this to herself.

Sorry about all the pictures, I needed to catch-up!