Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tuck's Media

Brian has wanted to start a books-games-movies store called Tuck's Media for a long time. Well, the business took its first step this past week. We purchased a business license (only $10 for 1/2 the year) and we made our first purchase of 20 board games we hope to sell and make a slight profit from. We hope to entice buyers by the fact that we can't charge tax, they won't have to pay shipping, and we are selling the games for a few dollars below retail price. We created a blog for our store: and we hope to set up a table in front of Broulim's one of these weekends coming up and see how we do! It might not be the most opportune time with the break between the semesters and all but we still think we could be successful. Wish us luck!


Amy said...

Good luck!

The Wright Family said...

Wow, good luck with your business! Looks like some pretty funny games you have on there.