Sunday, August 31, 2008

Eastern Idaho State Fair

So, Brian and I went to the Eastern Idaho State Fair in Pocatello yesterday. I was put off by the high price to park and get in (spent $14 before we had even seen anything). But it was very fun! I enjoyed the free petting zoo, the science center, the art exhibits, the food and just the atmosphere. Brian and I were only there about 2 1/2 hours and I wish we could have stayed longer but I was a little tired of walking around. If we could ride carnival rides that would have been way fun but although I need the baby to turn out of the posterior position, I don't think my doctor would have been happy to know I got on a ride let alone if anyone would let me on being so obviously pregnant. Of course Brian found the hut where they had XBox games hooked up and we had to play a few songs of RockBand. But overall, it was really fun. And I think I may have escaped being sun burnt.

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The Wright Family said...

Fun fun! We went to the Fair on Wednesday although, we park far enough away that we escaped paying for parking. I guess the price we pay is walking 4 or 5 blocks. :) The thing I love the most about the fair is the FOOD!!