Thursday, July 31, 2008

iPod Nano proves resilient

So, Brian left our iPod in his jean pocket and did the laundry yesterday. The poor machine got washed! However, after several hours of being plugged in and drying out, the machine still works! It is amazing! I cannot believe it!

I told him this means he can't hold it against me anymore that I have washed his wallet about 5 times since we've been married.


Ashley said...

HAHAHAHAH sorry that's sad but funny and crazy that it is still working.. GOOD JOB BRIAN!!! :) (you can tell him I said that)!!!

loves.. from Ash!! :)

The Wright Family said...

That's funny! I always tell Kyle that whatever he leaves in his pockets is his fault, cuz I don't check em. :) Thanks again for inviting me to the baby shower, it was a lot of fun! The name thing turned out really cute!

The Wright Family said...

Oh yeah, and I do change my blog background quite often, maybe twice a month, just cuz its fun, I like to create them as a hobby along with my scrapbook pages. (I know, I'm probably a weirdo :)