Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sydney starts Pre-K! Fun with Nail Polish...

This past week was really fun and a bit busy planning and preparing for Sydney to start Pre-K!

Sunday, we got to have Brendon and Ross hang out with us after church, the kids loved that! I got a blackmail photo of Ross though because he put on Sydney's barbie gear and rode on her pink and purple bike!

That night, I painted Sydney's toe nails and finger nails. Jonas wanted his painted too! In the past, I've gotten away with using the clear nail polish on his nails. I tried to paint them with the clear polish and he blocked my hand and started crying, "No! Like Sydney!" so I got out the blue polish and only painted his toe nails. Then made sure I put socks and shoes on him all week!! One day this week when he had his shoes off he said, "Mom, look at my pretty toes!" lol He has no idea!

Sydney was so excited for her school to start!
She started counting down the days. Tuesday she had to go in and get tested by her teacher and we bought her some school uniforms. She seems to like the uniforms ok, especially the shirts and dresses! The day before Pre-K, we worked on her "All About Me Block". We taped pictures of our family and her cousins on the box, as well as cut out some pictures of princesses from her magazine. I printed off pictures of an elephant, giraffe, penguin and peanut butter sandwiches- her favorites! She was so excited to show it to her teacher. We all went into the school with her. She knew right where her classroom was. She came back out of her classroom, gave me a hug goodbye and went back in! Jonas wasn't as upset to leave Sydney there as I thought he would be. Here's my big girl on her first day of Pre-K!

While Sydney was at school, I took Jonas to the duck pond and packed a lunch. He had so much fun just walking along the shore, looking for the ducks. He also had fun throwing sticks into the water.

Then we came home, he napped and I exercised, and showered. And then it was time to get ready to get Sydney!

At the end of the day, I went to pick her up. I could tell she was tired! It took a while for her to talk to me about what happened during the day. I asked her if she missed us. She gave me this little smile and said nothing, which said, "I know you want me to say I did but...". Finally I got from her that a classmate had a birthday so they had cupcakes for snack time! Then, I almost NEVER let her have chocolate milk but the drink with her lunch was chocolate milk! So yeah, they won her over there! She also said they read a book about the gingerbread man and then did a search all over the school for him. I thought that was such a cute idea because what they did was take the kids on a tour of the school, visiting the library and the office, and other places. She did say there was 1 thing she didn't like about school and that was quiet time/nap time. This kid will snooze on the way to pick up Brian from work but not for quiet time! So she didn't like that. But, hopefully she'll get used to it! She is so excited to go back tomorrow and I am glad she did so well and had no problems!

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