Sunday, August 4, 2013

What the Tucks did in July

Whew! We've been busy this past month and I'm glad I finally made the time to look at the pictures! The kids and I have gotten into a routine because we go out almost every day to a park, or the library or some other fun activity. And in this southern heat it can really drain you!

We started July out in Alabama! The kids always enjoy visiting their grandparents in Alabama! We also traveled over to Georgia and got to visit with Brian's grandma and his aunt and uncles. Here's some pictures of the times we had with them.

Grandma Tuck had gotten these cute Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts for the kids. So fitting!

Right before we left for Alabama, Sydney had earned her bike! She's been wiping the table, helping with laundry, washing windows and helping me out around the house to earn a new bike. She was so excited to go to pick it out her bike and I was so glad she was also excited about the helmet and pads. She never rides her bike without the protective gear. I'm so proud of her! She LOVES riding her bike. She wanted to ride it that very night we got it and then the next morning, her first words were, "Can I ride my bike?!". She's getting used to making some slight turns and she can go really fast while on the sidewalk. Jonas tried out a bike in the store too. I hope we can get him something to follow Sydney around on soon.

One night we had my niece and nephew for dinner and we got the little Mini Murphs so they could make their own pizzas. The kids LOVED it. Liam was still talking about it a couple weeks later. It was really cute and fun to see them make and eat their own pizzas.

This is just a quick photo from the Sci-Port where the kids were playing with the new dentist exhibit. So cute!

This past week we went to Gator N Friends, an alligator farm with a petting zoo.

They had some llamas.

Cute little ponies..

But the kids' favorite I think was the goats!

and then the gator feeding.

Sydney was so excited to hold the gator.

Liam didn't want to hold it but just touch it.

Recently Brian and I decided to make the plunge and get rid of the shed that was in our backyard. It was here when we moved in and we quickly found out it was worthless. It leaks, had a rotted floor and so wasn't good for storing our stuff like we'd want. We have the mower in there but that's about it. So we decided to go ahead and tear down the old one and Brian started by setting up the concrete pad this past weekend. The missionaries and a neighbor helped Brian out with it and then a HUGE thank you to a member in our ward who lent Brian a cement mixer and great truck for hauling the bags of cement and the shed.  Here's how it happened:

Brian's next paycheck will be the first one with his raise. We're very excited! It's taken 2 years with Schlumberger for this raise to come! So that will be great. School keeps running along for him and he is definitely getting more confident in his classes.

I go to a parent orientation this Tuesday to see when they want Sydney to start Pre-K. I'm hoping it will be January since it will be all-day. I think it will be a lot for her to deal with.

Jonas continues to talk more and more, it's really cute. He's so helpful and a sweet boy. Lately, he's started giving me "kiss attacks" when I give him his goodnight hug. Some days he seems to do well with being willing to at least sit on the potty, like one day, he went several times on the potty. But then the next day, I ask him to sit and he doesn't want to. I need to get a reward chart set up. I am almost willing to try to get him to do it cold turkey with wearing his underwear all day. 

I should be starting to tutor again this month. Just been focusing on my digiscrap business lately and it's been going well.

Got lots of fun things planned for August, I can't wait! Brian and I celebrate 8 years later this month too. We love everyone and pray all is well with you!

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