Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sydney's 5th Birthday!

Since Brian goes to his class on Thursday nights, when Sydney's birthday was this year, we had her cake and gave her 1 of her birthday presents the day before her birthday. She got The Little Mermaid DVD (she hasn't watched that movie in over 2 years). She also helped me the night before make her birthday cake and cupcakes for her classmates. She wanted the cake to be pink and the frosting to be purple. She helped me dye the white frosting and cake mix to get that.We had lots of fun!

Here's the sweet birthday girl with her crown from school!

And the magnificent cake she helped create!

And singing "Happy Birthday" to her!
My sweet Sydney! You are so fun and caring! You're such a big help with your little brother, some days I don't think I'd get by without you! You love to tell us the sun is up and it's time to get up! You love school and life and I hope you always will! You are so smart and sensitive to the gospel as you learn the songs and try to listen in class. We're so blessed to have you in our family and we love you so much! Happy Birthday Sydney!