Sunday, August 11, 2013

Jonas Brushing Sydney's Hair and The Shed completed

So Sydney IS starting full-day Pre-K this Friday! If I don't let her go now, she'll lose her place. I told myself I just need to relax and she'll be fine. I mean she missed the cut-off for Kindergarten by 3 days so she'll be one of the oldest kids in this group. I think the teachers are nice and they have an assistant and are firm at only 20 kids in a class. It should be good for her. She's really excited. I explained to her she can't wear her cute little outfits to school (she'll have uniforms) but the uniforms include skorts and jumpers so she's excited for that.

One day Jonas was playing with Sydney's hair (aka messing it up) and so I asked him to go get a brush and brush her hair. Cute little video of that:

I've been telling Sydney we will miss her while she's at school and the other day she told she'd miss Jonas. Hopefully being apart will just make them appreciate each other more. They play pretty well together most of the time. At least Jonas likes what Sydney picks out to watch. Like this morning, he was happily watching My Little Pony :)

A couple of brethren from the church helped Brian put up our shed yesterday. It took them several hours but it looks nice! There's a few kinks to still work out but we are super excited to have such a sturdy place to store our mower and some other boxes.

Not much else new happening with us! We'll have first day of school pictures to take on Friday! so we'll have those next time! I am thinking I MIGHT start serious potty-training with Jonas with Sydney at school, we'll see...

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