Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rest of March, Happy Easter!

Oh life is good here, we can't complain! Brian is back in classes but this one is not stressing him out as much as others so we're happy for that!

Sydney and Jonas had fun with their cousin Liam during his Spring Break. The weather was really nice and they would climb trees and play dolls together. Liam helped Sydney play hard! She was definitely wiped out by the end of the day:

We also went to the Walter B Jacob's Nature Reserve during the week and the kids did a great job with a 1.8 mile trail! I couldn't really take pictures though because Jonas was being a pill :/  He likes to think he knows where we are going and should be the leader. He kept running off or going down a different trail and shouting adamantly, "This way!".

One fine afternoon, the kids wanted to have a picnic outside
Wish this nice weather could have lasted...

We wanted to do our Easter egg hunt on Saturday morning so that Sunday could be more focused on the Savior and I am VERY glad we did! Grandma saved her large clover patches in her backyard so we could do a hunt there :)

Sydney was pretty excited to find a golden egg!

 Jonas' basket is still a bit tall for him. Lol but he manged it better than last year for sure

The kids had a blast! And then they got to go swimming in grandma's pool! They loved that! I LOVED not having to worry about ear plugs for Sydney! Scarlett and Sydney was super brave about jumping from the side of the pool to me. You go girls!

So 10 minutes after we get home from hanging at grandma's house, a HUGE thunderstorm rolls through town. The rain seemed to be blowing sideways. The power went out quickly. Then there was marble-sized hail. It was insane! I have never seen the tree in our front yard so bare of leaves. As we drove around there were a LOT of trees that fell during the storm. It mainly lasted about 30 minutes. Our power stayed out until early Sunday morning. Internet didn't come back until late Monday night. Darn!!

We went out to eat Saturday night and I think I overdid it on my cheat meal as well as helping myself to more candy than I have eaten in a long time. Sunday morning I felt awful. Horrible stomach pains. So the kids went to church Easter Sunday without me :( really sad I missed going. I heard it was a great meeting. And then we had a family dinner that evening at grandma's. The food was AMAZING although I didn't have much. still feeling icky..Sydney did great though with eating the pork!

We hope everyone had a great Easter. I have tried for the whole month to talk to Sydney about why we celebrate Easter and she knows about Jesus' tomb and we are working on the word "Resurrection". It was really sweet. One of the first Family Home Evenings we read the Easter story from the scriptures and Brian was choking up as he read the words. I think he rarely gets emotional as we read the scriptures but the Easter story is powerful, it's full of hope and promise. I couldn't help but think of Brian's brother Kirk and how Easter is a confirmation to us that he will live again.

Ok, and just to leave you with a silly note. When Jonas was in his suit and then with his crazy hair after a nap, I thought he definitely looks like the actor from the Mentalist! What do you think?

Our cute little model!

You think my kids are getting trained to pose for the camera? lol

Thanks for reading!
Love to all!

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