Sunday, March 17, 2013

St Patrick's Day and Spring Fun

Hey all! So this week has been good. The kids have been enjoying going outside, I've been working on a RS Birthday Dinner coming up and more and we've had fun!

On Tuesday, Brian was grilled some steaks and the kids were outside watching him. It's so cute that when they are sitting by each other and we tell them we are taking a picture of them, they immediately snuggle. Awwwww.

Sydney took a challenge on Dr Seuss' Birthday to read a list of his books. So we checked them out from the library and read them together. It was fun to read books that I had never even heard of. She got to pick out a prize from the library and this is what she chose:

An umbrella hat. Or as I referred to them one time (12 years ago!) Rainbow hat!

I think it's hilarious.

I have watched my cousin's kids a couple times (well one before this and then in payment for watching them this Saturday) and so as payment, I asked that she cut our hair :) She's a hair stylist so she knows what's she's doing! I just don't feel I can cut the kids' hair (and definitely not my own, lol) and have it look good.

They were pretty good

Sydney was probably most excited about being able to see and make Ariana laugh.

I asked Jonas to let me take a picture of his hair, so this is what I got.

And then again, arm around each other for a group picture, like pros :)

Friday- Park

I tried to take the kids to the library story time but neither one of them were having it that day- Sydney complained of being tired and Jonas was his usual run-all-over self. So we went to the park and surprisingly met up with some friends from church too! Jonas decided he could slide down the rope himself and got this nice rope burn. But I wasn't even there, he made it to the ground without falling on his face or crying after he landed. Scared me bad but he's ok. Crazy kid...

Saturday- St Patrick's Day Parade

I watched my cousin Trish's kids that day and Drea came and helped us take them all to the St. Patrick's Day Parade. It was short but fun and the kids had fun getting some cousin time. I love how Scarlett has her legs crossed in this picture!

Hunter got a wad of beads together

And here's Ian and I trying to detangle them. But it was nice! There was one for each of us!

Plans for this week...uh none right now! We just sort of cycle through playdates at the park, story time, playing in the house and in the backyard. That's kind of our weekly events!

Brian is doing well with his new class. He feels the workload is much more manageable and he's staying on top of his assignments well.

I had super sales the first half of this month and so I'm excited to commission someone to build a website for my designs. I still sell through another store but sites are a great way to promote your designs and freebies- each for people to find you! So I'm excited to get something nice looking and professional. I've lost 9 pounds now on my diet/exercise plan...not as much as I would like but I do see areas where I need to improve so I am working on changing some things! Hoping they will help.

Love to everyone!

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