Sunday, April 14, 2013

April Showers and Sunshine

It's been a bit rainy this month and so the kids and I have been inside a lot or try to go to an indoor playground. I've also been taking the opportunity to read a lot of books like Divergent and the Infernal Devices.

On April 8th we said farewell as one of the missionaries in our area was transferred to another area. The missionaries are so sweet and willing to play Princess Candy Land with Sydney when they come over for dinner.

On April 9th, Sydney and Jonas made these puppets. Sydney helped cut out, color and paste Jonas' puppet so I guess he didn't do a lot of it..

April 12 I decided 15 pounds lost was a good time to take some -after shots and see what differences I could see. I can see some! I was glad to have the photos to tell as sometimes you don't really notice as it happens it gradually. I am glad Brian has started working out with me this week too. It's been good to support each other.

I hope to be able to take a -25 pound set of pictures by the end of May, at least that is my goal, to have lost 10 more pounds by then, reaching the half-way mark in my weight-loss goals.

April 13th, we bought some kites and thought we would try them out at the park. The kids had fun and we were able to get them up for a little bit.

Then the kids enjoyed the water jets of the park. 

Pre-K sign-up for this Fall is this coming Friday and I am torn. I don't think Sydney is ready to be gone from home all day every day and I am thinking I need to find a part-time Pre-K for her instead... I need to start looking into that.  I read her a book about a llama missing his mama his first day of school and the realization that she would be at school without me hit her and she said she didn't want to go to school for fear of missing me. She has been asking tons of addition questions lately. She'll ask, "What's 2 plus 3?" and we tell her to hold up those fingers and count them altogether and then she'll tell us "2 plus 3 equals 5!" So I think it's great she's already getting the idea of addition down. I just need to work with her more on the writing, writing letters and numbers. We work with her on spelling too.

Jonas is growing and learning and wants to do whatever Sydney does. He was right next to Sydney as she climbs the trees in our little cul de sac. He also gets excited and says "Ponies!" when My Little Pony comes on the tv. I think that's cute! Brian, not so much. lol

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying beautiful weather.

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Lahni said...

Amazing! I see a huge difference - good work!