Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ward Fall Festival

Sydney and Jonas' first chance to wear their costumes was for our ward's Fall Festival. They had a blast! I was really surprised that Jonas would keep his costume on, even the head part! As I would get him dressed in it, he would say "head, head". So he definitely liked that part of it! He also LOVED getting candy!

Sydney especially loved the cake walk!

Here are the kids decorating their pumpkins before the fall festival. We had them sit outside our door as we handed out candy.

Here is Sydney with her friend Peyton!

Jonas waving hi to everyone.

Sydney having some fun fishing!

And there I am as a nerd!

And here is Sydney doing a mash-up of some costumes! She got this wedding playing dress from her Aunt Drea on her birthday and then she decided to be a super bride!

Here are some more shots of Sydney and Jonas, this time before they went to a Carnival at their cousin Liam's school.

And here's a video of them saying Trick-or-treat. It was easier for Jonas to say "Candy, please".

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