Sunday, November 18, 2012

Halloween 2012

I'm a little late in posting things from October but here are some pictures of Halloween night! We went over to Drea's neighborhood and we hadn't planned it but our kids' costumes really went well together! Liam was a knight, Sydney a princess, Scarlett a witch and Jonas a dragon! Worked well! Then Uncle Ian was an executioner. Now, Tessa, Brian and I were nerds and Tessa asked how we went along. I said that we were nerds playing Dungeons and Dragons and the kids were our role-playing characters. I think that works!!

Some hilarious pumpkins we saw

Even Drea's dog Eva was all dressed up for Halloween! But poor puppy, no one was handing out doggy treats.

The stash! Jonas' bucket was filled to capacity more than once and we would dump some in Sydney's bag to make more room! When Sydney and Liam complained of having to carry their heavy trick or treat bags, we knew it was time to go home!

Jonas was pretty slow moving. I think he and Scarlett found the decorations more interesting than the idea of candy. We got him to say at least "Candy please" wherever we went. 

A very fun Halloween! I know the kids had a blast!

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