Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

I was pretty excited to get our turkey for free from our local Kroger. Used some coupons to spend less than the required amount to get it. Very sweet! We had a full house too! I think the last time we cooked our own turkey for Thanksgiving was maybe 2006 or 2007? So we were a wee bit newbie on it but I think Brian did a great job on the turkey! We had Drea, Ian, Becky, Liam, Scarlett and my cousin Tricia, Hunter, and Ariana for Thanksgiving Day. Our house was full of family! It was wonderful!

Brian and I have really been blessed this year and it's not really in any big ways but just all the little things. Every loving word or embrace from our family and friends, every day that our car works, that our children are healthy and happy, every day that Brian has a job, every day that we remember what our Savior has done for us and every day itself, a gift from God. Thank you for being a part of our lives and being another blessing from God above.

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