Friday, November 30, 2012

The NEW Christmas tree

So I did go to some Black Friday shopping. I didn't go at dawn or the night before but mid-morning and it was a very pleasant experience overall. I was looking for a particular product at Best Buy and another customer realized we were both looking for the same thing. She helped me find it and we were both able to get what we wanted. Very nice!

I went over to Target where I had mainly planned on snagging a 6ft pre-lit tree for $30, down from $65. I had a little bit of a hard time finding it but I finally did and then was inquiring about another tree I was contemplating switching it for. Another shopper saw what I had and realized they were looking for it and so I showed them where I got it from. I was happy to be able to help them! Another nice experience!

Not soo nice was the 25-minute wait to check-out at Kohl's or being $5 shy of another set of Kohl's Cash (head slap!) but it was fine. Again, no rude, pushy people. traffic wasn't bad either.

So, I couldn't wait to put up my spoils!

This had to be the easiest tree to put up ever. There were just 3 pieces to attach, the branches were already attached!

sigh, at least these ornaments are not glass. Jonas decided they looked JUST like balls. He was throwing them all over the place...

Sydney was very excited about putting the star on the top. I was glad to have a little spiritual moment with her as I told her the star represented the new star that appeared in the sky when Jesus was born and led the wise men to him.

Sydney thought this little tree should go in their bedroom. Wanted the flash light to be lights for the tree.

Oh and this dress was one of my other Black Friday spoils. Sydney loves.this.dress. She was super mad I wouldn't let her sleep in it. 

Our attempt to take a family photo in front of the tree with the tripod. Merry Christmas!!

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