Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

First, here are some pictures of Sydney "helping" me put ornaments on the Christmas tree. Normally I put the Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving Day or soon after but I debated for a while about whether to put the tree up. I decided that we would just deal with Sydney pulling all of the ornaments off. She only pulled the tree down one time and that seemed to cure her pretty well. She would play with some ornaments but I think she couldn't figure out how to get them off. Some of the softer clay-like ornaments she found very tasty. She has very much seemed to digress recently as she is chewing on everything and biting! She bites my arm all the time and I don't understand why!

Brian and I stayed here in Idaho for Christmas. We were able to spend Christmas Eve with some friends which was very nice. Sydney opened up her present from Mom & Dad- mega blocks! She seemed to really enjoy them. She was daintily handing us one block at a time. The next day, we got on the web-camera so Grandma and Grandpa Tuck could see Sydney open the rest of her presents. We called all the family and were happy to wish everyone well.

Later, we spent some time with another set of friends who weren't able to go home for Christmas either. We ate so many snacks at their house we were too stuffed to cook the ham we bought for Christmas dinner! So, we really had our Christmas dinner tonight. I think all of us are just enjoying relaxing at home together.

This year sure has been crazy for Brian and me but we still feel quite blessed. We realize in every unpleasant circumstance that things could have been a lot worse and we recognize the hand of the Lord blessing and guiding us. We are thankful for families, temples and an inspired plan for our lives that puts everything in perspective. We realize that our most precious treasure on this earth is each other and we feel rich. Thank you for all of your support and love. God bless your family and may you have a happy new year.

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