Saturday, January 16, 2010

Life goes on....

I felt like I haven't blogged in a while but there is not much to report.

- Brian still works at the hospital part-time stocking shelves. He is continuously looking for jobs online and we plan to move to Louisiana in June even if nothing turns up. We just have to get out of Idaho. We feel like we will have more luck elsewhere. I know June seems so far away now but I know it will be here before I know it.

- At least, I hope June is here before I know it! 4th grade is going OK. The kids are fine, they're cute, they like hugging you, writing notes to you about how much you rock, but in my juvenile detention mindset I just see it all as a plot. I hate teaching English but I'm slowly getting the hang of it. The drive has been ok, I mean I did drive to Idaho Falls everyday while I was student teaching but I had people I was carpooling with to make it a little interesting. I would like to carpool for gas costs but at the same time, I would have to leave my house earlier and 7:10 is early enough. I'll survive.

- Sydney is so silly. She is so bubbly all of the time and she has learned how to make the fish face. She cracks me up and she knows it. She is still babbling and I can't quite tell if there is actual meaning to what she is saying but we like to think she can say "stop" , "yeah" and possibly "drink". (That last one's Brian's thinking. I'm with you, there's no way she's saying that.) The 15-month check-up put Sydney's height at the 12%ile but my sister Drea (and I agree with her!) thinks that the office used the wrong gender chart and Sydney should be around the 25%ile. That's what I hope! One of my dreams for Sydney is that she will be taller than me! We've been really lucky, I don't think Sydney has been sick for quite a while now, so that's nice. She still only has 8 teeth (correction! I had put 6, it's 8) but she definitely knows how to use them!This silly girl! If I put her beanie on, it is usually off in 2 seconds. But if we leave it laying around the house, she'll try to put it on but I think she looks like a thug!


Cat and Blake Potter said...

Aw Meg, I miss you! I can just picture you saying all those things you write, love your sense of humor. I got to hangout with Kim and Liza last weekend for my baby shower...we missed you! I know, I didn't invite you, haha...but you live in Idaho lol. You should make a trip to Utah and we can have a roomie reunion! Love ya chica!

The Wright Family said...

So cute. I wish you guys the best- I'd like to get together with you again sometime soon, especially if you are planning on leaving!