Monday, December 7, 2009

Our Little Comedian- Ton of Videos

Bad News: Our water pipes froze yesterday morning.
Good News: A few months ago, Meagan starting collecting water storage in juice bottles :) And our water is back on now. Thank goodness for sweet landlords!

Sydney has really had a crazy personality lately. She makes me laugh so much! She mimics a lot of the things you say and do so there are often fake laughs and crazy faces. One day she decided the laundry basket was fun to play with so we got some footage of her dragging that around the house. Unfortunately, she tried to put the basket on her head and that is what scratched up her nose (the plastic edges around the holes are a little sharp, I guess).No this is not a yawn.
Look at this sinister but stinking cute grin!

Take a close look at the computer screen. She was banging on the keyboard and somehow changed the monitor screen so that the image was sideways. It was so annoying! The mouse was still in the same orientation so I had to move the mouse to the right to go up on the screen. Brian found out that hitting control and then the direction keys fixed it. I don't know how she does these things...
But you still gotta love her.
Big beautiful smile!

Grandma Tuck requested some footage of Sydney climbing into the chair so here that is.

Sydney does a tippy-toe dance now when she gets excited. It's so cute! (no audio)

And this video is of Sydney pushing the laundry basket all over the house.

To those getting this as an email: If you could not see any of these videos, please go to my blog, and view the videos there.

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Kymry said...

yeah, Kaylin did that to a computer screen, only it was someone at the housing office here. Oops. But Dustin fixed it. I think kids really are just naturally plugged in to whatever technology is around when they are born. Soon she will be uploading her favorite tunes onto an MP3 player she makes from a remote and old musical toy... jk. But cute everything. =)