Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dr Seuss' Birthday

Not much to show for the last two weeks. I have been taking the kids to an indoor playground a lot because it has been windy around here! (reminds me of Idaho, in a bad way!) But it did warm up a few days last week and they have been having lots of fun playing outside. I've also been reading a lot of books lately, too! The Fault in our Stars by John Green (wah! tear-jerker!) and the Mortal Instruments trilogy- I liked it. Way better than Twilight and it was very interesting, a good read. Brian has started classes again and goes on Thursday nights.

We thought our car was going to need to go to the shop because it was dying on us although the battery seemed charged and fine. Brian found out one of the connectors to the battery wasn't properly attached/needed cleaning and it's all good now! yay!

We did our taxes and I was hoping for a nice little windfall and was sorely disappointed. But, the main reason is that the 3 different things I did for additional income for our family last year (tutoring, babysitting and my design business) were untaxed through the year and so we owed some taxes on that. But what would be better? A few thousand right now, or the $7,000+ my family was able to use throughout the year? We are very blessed and I am grateful I have found ways to help us out.

Anyways, here's a cute picture of Jonas on a day where he woke up with a fun little cowlick:
It's kinda hard to see in the picture but he had this one big curl in the front that stayed up all day! so funny! I think it's time for a trim....

March 2nd- Dr Seuss' Birthday!
The library was having a fun celebration on Dr Seuss' birthday and so we went and got to take pictures with a lady dressed as the Cat in the Hat after she had read the book and the kids made some hats as well as had some fun cupcakes! The adults got a slice of the awesome cake they had there! Jonas saw the cupcakes and all through "One Fish, Two Fish" was in my face with his hands clasped together saying, "Cake?? PEAZE!"  over and over. It was a lot of work to keep him occupied until it was time to have a cupcake!

He sat on the Cat's lap for a second and I just didn't get the picture in time. So here he is with the stuffed animal version. There's a little activity they are having too where you read certain Dr Seuss books and then turn in your reading chart for a prize. So I checked out a big book with lots of stories and have been reading them to Sydney. It's fun to find new stories of his I had never heard of and enjoy that with Sydney. She's super excited about the prize! We should be getting it this week.

Jonas loves saying "Hey Guys!" everywhere we go, it's too cute. I told our missionaries today I just need to give him some pass along cards to hand out because who could refuse that from a little guy like him?

I wish I had taken some pictures but Brian and the kids camped outside Friday night with an electric blanket and the kids always enjoy that. Me, I preferred to sleep inside in my comfy bed. lol and enjoy knowing I should have it to myself at least until Jonas wakes up at 6:30 and crawls into bed with me. Another cute thing he does at night: we'll put him to bed and about 10 minutes later, he comes into the living room, comes over to me, gives me a kiss on the cheek(without being asked) and goes back into his room. Melts my heart. We have our days where we both get pretty frustrated with each other but I know he knows that I love him and I know he's happy and loves me back. We feel lucky and happy to have healthy and beautiful kids.

Take Care!
The Tuck Family

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