Sunday, October 21, 2012

Red River Revel- October 11th, 2012

Each year, Shreveport has this great fesitval called the Red River Revel. It's an arts and music festival and includes great food, activities for everyone in the family and amazing musical peformances. Last year we went to celebrate Sydney's birthday and happened to be there for an amazing performance by The Hunt Family Fiddlers. We bought their cd that night and when I saw they were back this year, we made sure to go on the night they were performing. They had all new music and I was so thrilled! Ever hear of Mumford & Sons? Their stuff is like that. So amazing!

Tessa enjoying some turkey leg!

Brian dancing with Sydney

The kids having fun with a pretend shopping center.

Some face-painting. So funny, Jonas wanted a bat, and this girl's "bat" looks more like a flying squirrel

A sand pit dig. The kids didn't care about finding anything, they just wanted to play in the sand!

And this is that Hunt Family fiddler group I was talking about. 5 brothers and 2 sisters, all musically talented with amazing voices and know how to play SEVERAL instruments each! Amazing!

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