Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beginning of September

Oh man, so far behind...going to take this one post at a time.

In early September, my sister Nicole decided to head back to Nevada with her two boys, Brendon and Ross. We had a bunch of fun with them here and Sydney didn't cry until I told her they wouldn't be here for her birthday party. That made her really sad! Before Nicole left though, we decided to have a party for Ross since we would miss his birthday later that month.

So funny, Ross was protective of his cake and when a fly was buzzing around it and he was shouting at it, "get away from my cake!"

Then when it came time to lick the candle, Ross was a little eager for cake so he took a bite out of the candle!


Then the next day, we said goodbye to Nicole and also went to Grandma's house as her dog, Zahmese, was getting worse and looking like he didn't have much longer to live. Grandma put him down a week later.

We miss you Nicole, Brendon and Ross!

And a sweet farewell to Zahmese, too. He was suffering and we didn't want that any longer. He was 17 and I have a lot of memories of him, he has been by my grandma's side a long time but seeing her at peace with the decision to put him to sleep set me at rest that it was the right thing.

Posting more later, it will take some time. Lots more photos are already up on my FB page including all of my faves from our recent family photo shoot.

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