Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jonas 7 months

Wow! Jonas is 7 months!

Weight: 20.5-21 lbs
Length: 26.5"
Eats: pears, peaches, apples, bananas, green beans, peas, beef, sweet potatoes, carrots and rice cereal.
Abilities: rocks on hands and knees and sometimes makes crawling motions. Sits up very well and independently. likes for you to hold his hands and walk him around. Makes "ooo", "ha" and "ga" sounds. Ticklish under the chin.

I think the days of holding the number are gone and it will have to be in the background from now on.

Traveling with Jonas went really well. He slept on half the flights because at the beginning of almost every flight I nursed him. On the plane. Between 2 people. Fun! Jonas was a big flirt. He would lock eyes with a passenger behind us through the cracks in the seat and start smiling and laughing. When he wasn't asleep he was in constant motion, wanting to stand in my lap and turn around constantly. That was a little exhausting. I'm just thankful my grandma was able to watch Sydney for me while I was in California because traveling with 2 would have been boot camp. Real tough.

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