Sunday, December 11, 2011

Putting up the Christmas Tree and Christmas in Roseland

First, sorry about my digital-scrapbooking post that went out to a  lot of you! I goofed up on that!

In the last week we finally got our Christmas tree up. The kids aren't messing with it too much. We obviously didn't put any of our breakables on the tree (little kids+ glass ornaments + ceramic floors= trouble!!) and they had fun helping us put it up!

 Yes, Jonas had to put up the tree shirtless. Very macho!

Sydney decided that stockings should be used for their true purpose.

Last Saturday we went to Christmas in Roseland, a rose center that has lots of lights displays and performances. I was so glad we went when we did because it was a beautiful night! and the week since we went, it has been cold, wet and windy.

Another set of displays are large "Christmas Cards" by the local schools. I thought this one was so cool: They used bottle caps to the make this snowman.

I don't talk about Santa a lot but I guess from movies and such, the magic of Santa has been instilled in Sydney's heart. So when she found out Santa was at Roseland, a cute grin stretched across her face. She was so excited and was not scared of him at all. I was pretty surprised. Not surprised that Jonas freaked out after 2 seconds on Santa's lap. We took one with me holding Jonas but it didn't come out  well so I didn't upload. But here is the picture they gave us:
 It's too yellowish-green for me so I changed it to black and white- looks better I think!
 Or maybe you like this one with the red selected:
I think I like the black and white one best, what do you think?

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