Friday, November 4, 2011

Just some photos...

Hey! The kids have been sick this week and Brian and I are a little sick ourselves. I've got a slightly sore throat and the kids don't sleep well at night, so it's a little strained around here lately...

Anyways, here are some fun Halloween photos:

Here's Sydney's cousin Liam (the ninja) and cousin Scarlett (a butterfly)

Sydney with Aunt Drea

Our door at our ward Fall Festival

Then here are some fun photos I got yesterday in one of those "we're fine" windows that occur sporadically with sick kids.

Just chillin'

Love this smile!

Favorite shot of the day!

Got Sydney to do a few cute poses! After each picture she would say, "Let me see!"

my little diva!

Brian took these while I was tutoring:

Jonas has been so active and learning so much lately. Yesterday was the first time I noticed him really giving hugs. I was comforting Sydney and he came up and leaned his head on her back in a very sweet way. Also this week, he picked up Sydney's play phone and actually held it up as if to talk into it. He tries to trade toys with you and he reaches out to things he wants and says, "that". It's been really fun watching him learn and grow. I think his 1 year stats were 23 lbs 13 oz and 29-29.5 inches. That puts him as kind of short for his age but a healthy chunk at his weight. He still fits in the age-appropriate clothes really well. There are a few 12 month clothes he still wears (mostly pants) but he's in 18 month shirts and onesies because 12-month were not long enough. {shrug} I don't know. He just looks healthy to me and that's all I could ask for!

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