Sunday, November 21, 2010


Sydney is learning to say more and more things everyday- some good and some bad. Not like she is saying bad words just that her words are some times oozing with attitude. She has been super helpful and sweet when it comes to Jonas but she has been a handful when it comes to her own behavior. The bed time routine has become quite chaotic. She has always struggled to take naps for me but I know she really needs one. She gets so cranky in the afternoon and if she doesn't take a nap in the afternoon she will pass out at dinner time (around 5:30-6) like she did last week. One day, she had not had a nap and she went into her room and collapsed on her bed on her own. We were frantically looking for her for about 10 minutes before we discovered her half on and half off her bed, asleep. So, we're really trying to get her to take a nap. This is what happens:

Mom: Sydney, please go get in your bed. You need a nap.
Sydney: I don't want a nap, MAMA!

And that "MAMA" is the part dripping with attitude. So sad, most of the time when she calls me "Mama", she's angry with me and says it with that attitude.

On the lighter side...
Brian and I have become a conglomerate "Mommy-daddy!" when ever she needs something. She wants juice, "Mommy-daddy!" literally no break between the two words. When looking for something, she calls to it, "Piece, piece? Where are you? Piece?" when she was looking for a missing puzzle piece. The same applies for her shoes when she's looking for them.

And overall just saying more words in her favorite song. She started out only saying the end part of the lines that rhyme, like "once there was a snowman TALL, TALL, TALL! ....he melted SMALL, SMALL, SMALL!"

With the baby around she knows "wrap up" and she can say "Jonas" pretty well.

And she's learning to say "You're welcome!" more often as well. And of course, she knows what "nap" means.

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