Sunday, November 7, 2010


Here are my belated Halloween photos:That's Sydney's cousin Liam in his Horton outfit. He loves elephants (which is an understatement). I love Sydney's puckered face. combined with the attennae I think it makes her look like Cindy Lou Who.As you can see, I dressed Jonas in the penguin costume Sydney wore her first Halloween. Still strange to me that we weren't even expecting him to be here for Halloween!

There's a purple Halloween butterfly in my hair, in case you were wondering.

Sydney, super-excited to "hold" Jonas.
I loved having Sydney be a lady bug this year. She was an adorable monkey last year but it was very gender-confusing. This year, there was no doubting she was an adorable girl dressed as a lady bug. She got so many compliments and was so polite as we trick-or-treated. She did not get the phrase down but she was sure to say "Thank you!" and "bye!" and even "excuse me" as she went by the other trick-or-treaters. The "excuse me" part would even come unprompted! I'm so happy with how she has picked up the habit of good manners.


Jami said...

I'm not sure who he looks more like just yet. But I don't think Sydney looks like either of you, so maybe he'll be the same! Cute, Cute, Cute.

Kym said...

haha, I love the puckered face. lol. It's too funny that she's a lady bug, Kaylin was one last year. Little girls with wings is just too cute. =) How did she like trick-or-treating?

ps. I like the Halloween theme, very cute. I get the updates via email but haven't been on your webpage for awhile, so it's fun to see how you decorate it from time to time.