Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Sorry, I'm not great about posting more frequently here.... we have some adorable videos but we haven't uploaded them to our computer yet. We have to download them and make them smaller... we'll work on that this week. Last night Sydney was up and down all night, rough night for Brian and me both.


- Sydney's 9th tooth is coming in- almost halfway there!
- Sydney really sounds like she is mimicking what we say, I thought I heard "nuh-uh" today and we've heard "uh-oh" as well.
- She just as nimble and climbing everywhere as always. We have a really cute video of her getting into my snow boots and walking around in them. But for now, here are these pics:


Jami said...

Crazy how everyone got snow this past week huh?

The Wright Family said...

So cute! I love the pictures. She is adorable. It was fun to see you last night! Sydney is a doll!