Sunday, May 31, 2009

Favorite Exercise TV videos

I try to work out daily using free videos from They have lots of free 10-20 even 40 minute workout videos from kickboxing, yoga, pilates, strength training, etc. Here I have compiled a list of links to my favorite videos. Oh, and you only have to watch one short commercial before the exercise video starts and then it is streams really well, you can even full-screen the video.
Pilates Abs workout - 10 minutes long, Beginner to intermediate
Power Pilates workout- 20 minutes long, total body workout, beginner to intermediate
Leg Slimmer and Toner- 10 minutes, great workout! beginner- intermediate
Dynamic Sculpt and Stretch- 10 minute weights workout, arms, shoulders, back and chest
Fat Burn- 20 minutes workout, Intermediate to Advanced, you will sweat!

Ok, so I only have 5 I like so far, I have tried more but these are my favorites. I will add more if there are anymore interesting ones.

I'm placing this post on my blog so that:
A) I can share my favorites with you
B) I have a link list to quickly get to my fave videos

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nicole's wedding

My sister Nicole got married this past Memorial Day weekend. Brian, Sydney and I got to go down to Nevada for it and see all my sisters, nieces and nephews. It was wonderful! I thought that I might feel old and strange as the roles have been reversed: I am used to being the cousin coming to the family reunion and the aunts and uncles are the adults. But now, we are creating our own big family reunions and I am the grown-up aunt watching the cousins play and grow. It is very fulfilling and beautiful.
I will have pictures of the cousins soon but for now, I have some pictures of Sydney from the weekend and a picture of me with all my sisters and my parents.

Back: Mom and Dad
Left to right: Kymry, Andrea, Tessa, and Nicole- the bride!
With the side-by-side comparison, I realize I look like a vampire! I need to get some sun!
And this is us at the Reno, Nevada temple where Kymry got sealed to our parents.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Job, Free trials, and Vietnamese, anyone?

  • First of all, so you know, I am starting a part-time job this week(Meagan speaking). I will work 2-3 days a week as an aide at the juvenile detention center I worked at as a teacher last year. I am really nervous and just anxious to leave Sydney at home where she still nurses and I don't have milk stored up. I think it will be a rough first week for Brian watching Sydney. Also, my boss has already offered me the position as teacher again at this facility for the next school year. While it would be nice to make that much again (not that it's a lot but it is definitely enough to get by and then some) I really don't want to work full-time. I want to be a homemaker! So, if Brian gets a decent-paying job in the next 2 months, I will be in a position to refuse this job, otherwise, in August, things will get really busy!
  • Second, I have four 1-month free trials to Netflix. It's really great and they have some cool movies on Watch Instantly (streaming to your computer) like Prince Caspian, Pirates: At World's End, Meet the Robinson's etc. Just leave a comment and I will e-mail you the code.
  • And lastly, I work for and they are looking for Vietnamese-speaking tutors this summer. They pay well and you choose your hours! just apply online.

Barbecue and Swimming

This weekend we had a barbecue with some friends and then Sydney got her first taste of swimming! The water was a little cooler than she would have liked I think and there was no kiddie pool where she could sit down so she seemed to be alright with it but not thrilled.

Mother's Day Pictures

So, I know these are a week late but we took some pictures on Mother's Day.

Also, Sydney got some books from Grandma Tuck. One has pictures of animals and a hole so you can stick your face in as the animals' face. I was playing with it when I came across this page that described me perfectly:
The page says, "Moo! I am a cow and can make lots of milk!" And yes I am feeding Sydney while this picture is being taken.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

7 Months and Ultrasound

Sydney turned 7 months old on Sunday! She can do so many things! She can still crawl all over the place and is starting to pull herself up on everything. She is standing in her crib waiting for me when I get her out after a nap or in the morning. She wants you to hold her hands and walk her around. Very attention-needy.

So, how many of you did I shock with my title?? I can pull jokes on paper way better than in person because Brian did not fall for my attempt to make him think I was pregnant. I went to the doctor yesterday because I finally have health insurance again and I have been having indigestion issues for months. One of the tests they did was an ultrasound to check my gall bladder. I'll know their findings later this week but I thought I could convince Brian the ultrasound was because they thought I was pregnant. I can never fool him! My old roommate Cat would fall for my antics, or maybe she would just play along to not hurt my "pride".