Sunday, May 17, 2009

Job, Free trials, and Vietnamese, anyone?

  • First of all, so you know, I am starting a part-time job this week(Meagan speaking). I will work 2-3 days a week as an aide at the juvenile detention center I worked at as a teacher last year. I am really nervous and just anxious to leave Sydney at home where she still nurses and I don't have milk stored up. I think it will be a rough first week for Brian watching Sydney. Also, my boss has already offered me the position as teacher again at this facility for the next school year. While it would be nice to make that much again (not that it's a lot but it is definitely enough to get by and then some) I really don't want to work full-time. I want to be a homemaker! So, if Brian gets a decent-paying job in the next 2 months, I will be in a position to refuse this job, otherwise, in August, things will get really busy!
  • Second, I have four 1-month free trials to Netflix. It's really great and they have some cool movies on Watch Instantly (streaming to your computer) like Prince Caspian, Pirates: At World's End, Meet the Robinson's etc. Just leave a comment and I will e-mail you the code.
  • And lastly, I work for and they are looking for Vietnamese-speaking tutors this summer. They pay well and you choose your hours! just apply online.


The Wright Family said...

Wow! I'm glad you were able to get a job! You'll probably enjoy getting out of the house. I know I do. I'm doing Summer School at South Fremont again this year too! Love your blog Header by the way! Way cute!!

Jami said...

Ooh, this background is awesome!