Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nicole's wedding

My sister Nicole got married this past Memorial Day weekend. Brian, Sydney and I got to go down to Nevada for it and see all my sisters, nieces and nephews. It was wonderful! I thought that I might feel old and strange as the roles have been reversed: I am used to being the cousin coming to the family reunion and the aunts and uncles are the adults. But now, we are creating our own big family reunions and I am the grown-up aunt watching the cousins play and grow. It is very fulfilling and beautiful.
I will have pictures of the cousins soon but for now, I have some pictures of Sydney from the weekend and a picture of me with all my sisters and my parents.

Back: Mom and Dad
Left to right: Kymry, Andrea, Tessa, and Nicole- the bride!
With the side-by-side comparison, I realize I look like a vampire! I need to get some sun!
And this is us at the Reno, Nevada temple where Kymry got sealed to our parents.

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