Sunday, November 22, 2009

Raise and Sydney's achievements

I got a raise at! I am so excited! I have been working there for over a year now (wow!) and so it was really nice to get the raise especially considering that I worked at English Calls for 2 years making less than I did starting at and never got a raise in those two years. So this is nice!

Sydney is learning so much each day (some good, some bad!).
  • For example, I try not to tell Sydney "no" because I don't want her saying that back to me. Unfortunately, I tell her stop and it sounds like she says "top!" back to me!
  • When Brian and I say unh-unh, and shake our heads, Sydney will shake her head back and forth,too.
  • She waves (it's more like flailing her whole arm, but it works) when you say bye-bye and she now has 7 teeth!
  • She also recently learned how to climb downstairs.
  • Sydney can eat a whole apple by herself. She carries it all around the house, gnawing on it to the core.
  • And, really exciting, she crawled into her banana chair, pulled up her blanket and fell asleep all on her own this past week. And it was 8:40. (She usually goes to be between 9 and 10!).
So our little girl is growing up!
I say that as I show this picture of her with a pacifier- she really doesn't use it anymore. Really.

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