Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Greeting Card

I have been working on creating our Christmas greeting card. Sorry for those of you who like to keep it a surprise but I am going to show you the two layouts I am thinking about doing. I think I am just going to get them printed as 5x7 photos because I couldn't find any blank photo cards at Anyways, here are my layouts:

Layout #1
Layout #2 Option 1- Notice the lettering of "Merry Christmas"
Layout #2 Option 2

So which one should I send out, or maybe I should do half of layout 1 and half layout 2. What do you think? There's a poll on my blog on the right side. Please vote!


Cat and Blake Potter said...

i like option #2!!

Ashley said...

I also like the second option!! I like them all though!!

Jami said...

I thought about doing this last year, but I couldn't find any envelopes. I did find them off season at Wal-mart later though.

Tracy Williams said...

This is me-MOM,
I voted for the first one since it has the year on it and the picture looks a little crisper. I am still at Drea's, so I will have to ask Dad when I get home.

The Wright Family said...

Those are super cute! I need to get on the ball and start getting ready for Christmas!