Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween and other adventures

We had a very fun Halloween. I still don't think Sydney got all of the excitement of the holiday but Brian and I had fun! We took her trunk-or-treating at the ward and then went to a birthday party with a bunch of baby boys all around her age. What a flirt! Brian and I tried to coordinate our costumes with Sydney's by being tourists/ safari adventurers. Do you think it was effective?

And here is Sydney pushing around her new baby doll from Aunt Drea and Uncle Ian!

Sydney truly is a monkey! She is starting to climb up on everything! Brian got this footage of the little girl being quite adventurous. She pushed her musical toy table up to the coffee table to climb up.


The Yuan Fam said...

Wow!! That's impressive, little monkey sittin' in a chair!!!

Cat and Blake Potter said...

LOVE the costumes. We had a couple in our ward win an award for doing the same thing, except their kids was a kangaroo. VERY cute!