Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hah! You people are probably checking hoping to find information about a baby but I shock you with a side story! Sorry, I guess that was cruel. No baby yet. I am trying to go in on Thursday evening (Oct 2) to begin the induction process which would put the delivery on Friday. This is not a very desirable mode but my family is only in town until Saturday and so I am accomodating. If I am given pitocin, I will most likely opt for an epidural and have to try a natural birth on the next baby. BUT! Today has been a Braxton-hicks contraction day! I have been having consisitent contractions (pain-free) for several hours now. I am hoping this will turn into full-blown labor before tomorrow night. We shall see.

Now, most of you know I worked for 2 years as an English coach teaching Chinese students over the internet. I unfortunately found the company had gone belly-up this past summer. I have been looking for another stay-at-home job since then. My friend Rachel told me about The application process took over a month but I have finally joined their crew and now am working when I have the chance. The job has a pay-raise opportunity after only 1 month and I can "float" whenever instead of scheduling which is working great right now and I know will be awesome once the baby arrives. I am very satisfied with this job and wish I had found it sooner!


Taylor said...

lol. very cruel, but I am glad you found a job you like. Now push!!! ^_^

Ashley said...

HEY HOPE all is doing well by now, hopefully you WON'T be reading this, but instead having a baby about now!! ;) But I'm glad that you have a job all lined up for after!! Good job! And good luck with the baby!! love ya lots ;)

The Wright Family said...

Great advice! I will definitely check it out! Good luck~ you probably already had the baby by now! (cross our fingers)