Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Today we decided we would carve pumpkins! I really want to try to challenge myself each year. I have not improved very much in technique but I'm trying! I did not have much time this year as far as preparation goes.

Brian decided to carve Kenny from South Park. It looks really creepy with a light inside.

I carved Sora from Kingdom Hearts (a video game).

And Sydney, well she slept for 5 hours, giving us the time to carve these masterpieces.
Those with children know not to envy us. She will be keeping us up tonight! Or at least me, Meagan.


Ashley said...

Good job guys!! Those are very good.. detailed too!! How in the world did you get it to look like that... not really carved out, but carved out!! If that makes sense!! :) and Sydney is VERY CUTE!! ;)

The Wright Family said...

She is so cute! Wow, and your pumpkins look awesome! I wish I could do that!